I knew that I wanted to be a beauty industry professional at an early age, somewhere between post toddler and puberty. Every Saturday morning I would set my doll’s hair using hand lotion as setting lotion and pink sponge rollers for a tight curl. Then we’d watch cartoons while she sat under the pretend hair dryer, which was merely a lamp shade.  It took about a week for the doll’s hair to dry. On Friday nights I styled her hair with ribbons and bows, and on Saturday morning the routine began again.

Industry Insight

As I grew older I became more fascinated with hair, make-up, and fashion. After high school I attended college and received a business degree in marketing. A few months after graduation, I enrolled in cosmetology school. Receiving my cosmetology license was by far one of the most exciting days that I can remember. The goal that I set years before while watching cartoons had been achieved.

Although I had received my license, it would be a while before I became a full time beauty industry professional. For years I worked full time in corporate America and part time as a stylist. I can remember day dreaming in my cubicle about finding a job that would allow me to have creative freedom. One day, after careful planning, job searching, falling asleep on the job and praying, I stepped out on faith. I decided to give 100% of my professional time and talent to the industry I love, beauty.

As an educator, motivational speaker, consultant and now author, my life as a beauty industry professional is rewarding, fun and fulfilling. From hairstylist to salon consultant to beauty school director, to entrepreneur, each career move I have made has enlightened me on what it takes to be a real success in the world of beauty.

I’m sure that you too have goals and may have even gotten your start playing with dolls. My new goal is to empower industry gurus by sharing information, opportunities, and success stories. Discover your career path and decide how you can best use your talents to make your mark in this industry.

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