Meet the New MITCH Man

He is the “Hair Heir,” son of legendary hairdresser Paul Mitchell, and while honoring his father’s legacy at every step, Angus Mitchell has also blazed his own trail.  An accomplished hairdresser, a successful salon owner, a dynamic platform artist, and Artistic Director for Paul Mitchell Schools, Angus Mitchell can now add “model” to his CV.  Mitchell will be the new face and spirit behind MITCH, the Paul Mitchell men's styling line. He came on stage at Paul Mitchell's Gathering in Las Vegas, an annual get-together for John Paul Mitchell Systems salons, stylists and partners,  looking every inch a MITCH man, where the announcement was met with resounding applause.

On being tapped for the MITCH campaign, Mitchell said, “I am deeply honored and so excited.  What was really incredible was on the day of the photo shoot, John Paul (DeJoria, co-founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems) came by and we got a couple shots in the very car he bought for my Dad years ago, a 1959 Cadillac.”

Cars figure into the advertising campaign and into Mitchell’s life; he collects and restores vintage cars.

“I’m into resto-rodding, which is redoing old cars, giving them modern-day performance but maintaining their original design,” said Mitchell in an offstage interview. “A current project is making a 1964 Cadillac Convertible drive like a modern-day vehicle, installing modern steering and braking systems, but staying true to the vintage style. Instead of collecting a car that can be bought already restored, I would rather take the time to do it and satisfy my artistic side while also adding a bit of myself to it.”

He is also restoring and redesigning a building that will ultimately serve as a space for photo shoots, filming, classes and events.

“I have a passion for fashion, for architecture and for hair.  It’s all about the silhouette of a shape."

Watch for the new MITCH campaign, debuting soon, and watch replays of the onstage sessions of The Gathering here:

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