Is "Silioilmin" Sabotaging Your Chemical Services? Find Out Here
















What’s “Silioilmin”?   It is a mixture of the silicones and oils in the haircare products clients are using every day plus the minerals that are present in water—calcium, copper, chlorine, even lead.  Together, this combination of silicones, oils and minerals has created a “compound” that the team at Malibu C Wellness calls “Silioilmin.” It gums up hair, interferes with color services, and confounds stylists. 

Hoping to clarify the situation with knowledge and not just shampoo, Trisha Kemp Rice of Malibu C teaches her classes of hairdressers and beauty students that prior to chemical services, they must start with a clean canvas and deal with the “Silioilmin”.

“My message is to prep the hair properly so you know what you’re working with,” says Kemp Rice.  “These smoothing products, while wonderful, can also be hiding the reality of the hair’s condition. It’s difficult to see how coarse or porous the hair is and if it keeps building up over the top of the hair—because many clients don’t shampoo anymore but just keep adding product-- it creates a barrier. Fortunately, these products are binding with the minerals in the hair, so we can get it all off when we use Crystal Gel.”

Is "Silioilmin" Sabotaging Your Chemical Services? Find Out Here

Malibu C’s Crystal Gel are vitamin complex crystals that you mix with water and it turns to gel. You apply it to every single section of the hair and work into the hair. Application takes from 5-10 minutes depending on the length and texture of the hair. Bag the hair and expose it to heat to open up the cuticle. Process the hair for 20 to 40 minutes depending on its condition. When you process Crystal Gel, don’t let it cool down before shampooing. Heat softens the “Silioilmin” and makes it easier to wash away.  Also, make the water as hot as the customer can handle. 

 “Every new stylist, every student should know about the different elements that can sabotage their service before they go into a salon,” says Kemp Rice.  “If they don’t know they’ll get frustrated and want to give up when there is no consistency in their color.”

Silioilmin managed.

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