NEW OPI GM Meets Local Beauty Trade Press at OPI-Hosted Luncheon

Mary van Praag, OPI’s new General Manager, was introduced to local professional trade beauty editors at an intimate luncheon on January 21 at Bistro Gardens in Studio City, CA. Joining OPI in January 2014, van Praag most recently served as General Manager of Coty Canada Inc., where she is credited with transformational leadership.

Introducing van Praag at the luncheon, Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Artistic Director and Executive Vice President, said, “As a woman, I’m delighted to know that OPI will now be headed by a woman. I’d like to welcome Mary to the OPI family. We’re really excited that she is going to be taking OPI to the next level but what that is going to be none of us can know but it’s probably going to have something to do with these little hand held devices.”

NEW OPI GM Meets Local Beauty Trade Press at OPI-Hosted Luncheon

George Schaeffer shared details of his new role with the company. Schaeffer recently stepped down from his position as CEO but is still working with OPI's management team

 “I’m retired and this is a scary word. It has been a great run, these past 33 years. I have a new title which is Strategic Board Advisor. Now, I don’t know what Board they mean but I’m happy to advise,” said Schaeffer.” When I started OPI, I had this idea of developing a brand because I think the essence of anything you do today is to make a name. Now, I’m going to brag a little bit but when I was at the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) awards, there was conversation at my table about what everyone did and when I mentioned OPI, eyes opened and hands went up. Everyone knows OPI.

I think Mary is going to be an incredible person, to steer the ship as the new captain. She did a great job in Canada and I have all the confidence in the world that she is going to do a good job here. “


When van Praag spoke, she first thanked George and Suzi for building the iconic brand. “I’m returning to my favorite place in the world, Los Angeles, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be working on OPI. I call this a dream come true. It’s the beginning of a new beginning and one I am so proud to be working with this team. I told George there is no way I can ever fill his shoes but I do have my own heels. “

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