Bridal Hair Inspired by the Red Carpet

Once she hits the bridal shop, the florist and the caterer’s, what’s next on her list? Your soon-to-be bridal client scours the pages of People, US and InStyle magazines, researching red carpet looks for their own hair ideas! Here are the red carpet trends that will translate beautifully for your brides this season.


Bridal Hair Inspired by the Red CarpetThe Updo—Textured and Loosely Structured

Why It’s Chic: It’s not too “done” but it’s definitely structured—definitely not a DIY look! What’s more, the fuller shape is flattering to many facial structures and sizes. A severely scraped-back style is difficult to wear for most women.

Tips: To encourage the texture, rough dry the hair rather than smoothing it completely. Then apply Matrix Design Pulse Mega Dust—it produces a gritty texture that expands the hair, which is perfect for providing an updo with structure. Then create a pincurl set. Once hair cools, release the pins, backcomb and create the shape.

George’s Secret: Create a small, square section at the back of the head and gather it into a mini ponytail to serve as the anchor for the rest of the style


Bridal Hair Inspired by the Red CarpetThe Waves: Hollywood Glam

Why It’s Chic: Polished waves like these are timeless—they’ll look up-to-date in wedding photos for years to come!

Tips: Study your beauty school setting patterns, but swap out rollers for barrel curls created with a curling iron. Mist each section with Matrix Biolage Freeze Fix Hairspray before setting.

George’s Secret: Release each curl and comb through individually with a Mason Pearson brush to polish the hair; then backcomb gently.


Bridal Hair Inspired by the Red CarpetThe Half and Half—Elegant Side-Sweep

Why It’s Chic: Many brides prefer to wear their hair down—they feel that they look more like “themselves.” These lovely waves, with one side gathered and pinned, is a great way to dress up everyday hair without taking it too far.

Tips: Apply Biolage VOLUMEBLOOM Full-Lift Spray-In at the roots and blow dry the hair, encouraging maximum volume. Create soft, loose waves with a curling iron—these should be less structured than the Hollywood waves. Sweep one side up and back and secure with a hairpin behind the ear.

George’s Secret: Brides love the side-sweep because it’s a natural spot for a pretty hair ornament!



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