Battling Black Box Color to Create a Beautiful Blonde

Two sittings and about seven hours later, Megan Gill (@salon6megan) battled old black box color to create a beautiful blonde. Here's how!

"Starting out, my guest, Monique, is about a level 6 slightly auburn brown. She had a few inches of new growth and towards the bottom some old black box color," said Gill. "We're currently in the process of getting in Eufora Color, so for the time being, Eufora's bleaching pods are being mixed with our Davines developers that we have."

Here is the lengthy but well-worth-it process from Megan:

First Session-

Step one: I focused on working on just the color at the bottom by going through the sections and placing foil in between to help boost the processing time, only taking the lightener where there was old color.  I started with 30 volume and ended with 40 volume to help my last sections catch up with the first sections I did, since the lightener works fairly quickly.

Step two: Process 20 minutes, rinse, dry, do the same process again.

Step three: For the 3rd process I started with 30 volume and lightener in the front and ended with 40 volume in the back, and pulled lightener with 10 voumel through the ends.

Step four: Rinse, wash, about 20 mins later. We use REF of Sweden soft color/toners, so I toned her for about 5 mins with 10.1.

"With bleaching, after about 25 minutes is when the chemicals start to take over the bleaching process and they start doing the work, which is also where the majority of the damage takes place, so I make sure to rinse and do again to keep the hair from getting damaged!"

 Second Session-

Step one: We did a soap cap with Eufora lightener, Davines developer 20 voumel 2:1 with Eufora Moisture Cleanse Shampoo mixed in, started on the ends, really working the old box color first, then all over. Rrocess 20 minutes.

Step two: Rinse, wash with Eufora Beautifying Elixir's Bodifying Shampoo, blow dry, then used REF soft color using 20 grams 10.0, 10 grams 10.1, 10 grams 10.21, and 10 grams 8.1. Used on dry hair to have a stronger processing effect for 20 minutes.

Step three: Rinse, finish with Bodifying Conditioner. Used Eufora Beautifying Serum, Sculpture Styling Glaze and Illuminate Shine Mist (cocktailed together for their Color Locking System), blown out with the Eufora Pro 43 brush.

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