The People Season!You know which social media platforms most effectively reach clients and prospective clients. Now work ’em!

“The whole concept between digital word-of-mouth is friend-to-friend,” says social media expert Nina Kovner, who creates business education programs for CosmoProf. “But social is not a self-serving platform; it’s a value-delivering platform.”

Delivering value can take the form of providing any type of information you know your followers appreciate—and it can be as seemingly off-topic as holiday recipes or suggestions for good reads. Are you involved with a charity this season? Tell them about it!

“Broaden your strategy,” says Kovner, founder of Passion Squared. “Think about your brand values and figure out what your followers are passionate about.” When you do that successfully, social media will drive business the same way business cards and referral programs do—one client at a time sharing your awesomeness with a friend, who pushes that “like” button and may decide to give you a try.

Don't Wait
“In September, you still have a clear head to plan,” Kovner says. “Develop a strategy. Will you stage events? Hold a holiday celebration with clients? Run a ‘12 Days of Christmas’ promotion? You can have a million great ideas, but they won’t happen unless you plan early and get specific about what must be executed week by week.”

Try to be present at most of the popular platforms. “Help to facilitate shared experiences,” Kovner says. “If your salon is not on Instagram, you’re not facilitating the shared experience of how much an Instagram-using client loved the style you gave her. Be there. Be discoverable.”

Connect Through CosmoProf
This season, the tag to remember is #cosmoprofholiday. CosmoProf is tweeting and pinning—and especially rockin’ Facebook! Get in touch to stay current on industry events, participate in live chats with celebrated artists and win free products on Thursday Trivia. Share when appropriate!

“We post some inspirational quotes and funny memes that stylists like to share with their clients,” says Toni Ford, CosmoProf senior marketing specialist. “When we share styles and how-tos from our brands, salons can promote the style and add, ‘We can create this look for you!’ The visual helps drive traffic.”

Excerpted from MODERN SALON HOLIDAY 2014, an exclusive custom edition with CosmoProf and Armstrong McCall to help salon pros plan and grow holiday business. See the complete digital edition at

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