10 Ways to Help You Maximize Personal Profit During the HolidaysHere five salon category and trend snapshots to help you maximize salon success and personal profit offered by CosmoProf and Armstrong McCall.

CELEBRATE INNOVATION. Clients always want what’s new and are looking for faster, more effective solutions to their beauty challenges. This year, many brands have pulled out all stops to create excitement and opportunity in the salon. Explore this spe­cial HOLIDAY issue for innovation tips and techniques, and ask your sales or store consultant to point out the latest additions. According to a survey by Paul Mitchell, 64% of women want to try new products and 50% rely on their stylists for advice.

ATTRACT NEW CUSTOMERS; CREATE MORE BIZ WITH EXISTING ONES. The consumer who visits your salon during holiday is often a differ­ent shopper than those regular clients who come all year. Promote your salon as a holiday destination by offering gift certificates and hol­iday packaged products and tools. Reach out to businesses in your com­munity and offer special gifting programs for them to extend to employees and best customers, too.

MAKE MEN A PRIORITY. Guys are into groom­ing like never before, with the trend drivers ranging from retro styl­ing to classic barbering techniques to the beard surge, and even World Cup soccer making an impact. Be sure you stock up on plenty of options for men, and don’t forget to promote as gifting options for the men in your female clients’ lives.

OFFER THE GIFT OF THICKER, FULLER HAIR. Another escalating salon trend is demand for thinning hair solu­tions for both men and women. New launches and treatments, and new technology abound. Ask your sales consul­tant for recommenda­tions for gift packages and specialized products within popular lines.

TALK UP TOOLS. Research shows 7 of 10 appliance sales hap­pen in November and December. Be sure your salon is ady for the boost! Irons and dryers make great gifts and the assortment of limited edition and holiday packaged professional salon options makes it easy to capitalize.

MAXIMIZE THE MINIS. Holiday looks require extra “on-the-go” atten­tion. Stock up on special minis, especially in styling and finishing, and position as must-have essentials for the party night purse or travel bag.

MAKE A GREAT FIRST (AND LAST) IMPRESSION. The holidays are a great time to recharge your reception area, both the physical merchandising and experience space. Double-check your team’s processes and procedures for check-in, take-home recommendations, add-on service referrals, etc. Don’t forget to give prominent placement to signage and merchandising centers at front desk for gift certifi­cates and impulse retail items such as nail polish, lotion and lip gloss.

ADD A BAR. OR TWO. In the salons, bars have gone way beyond bever­ages and have become popular and effective ser­vice/retail combo areas. What kind of experience centers can you create in your space to support holiday business? Styling bar? Nail bar? Tool bar? Touch-up bar (for brows, cosmetics, lashes and more)? Ask your sales consultant to help you evaluate your space and menu, and look at strate­gies to organize and merchandise at least one new station that focuses on a key category with heavy holiday earning potential.

EXPLORE AND EXPAND NEW CATEGORIES. For instance, dry shampoo has been a hot product as a single item, but has grown now beyond a “cleansing alternative” or refresher, and into a new range of styling support options—to create volume, to enhance tex­ture, to condition, etc. Showcase and promote these and other “emerg­ing star” products. Dedicate time in team meetings to practice dialogue on how to in­tro them to clients. Again, clients LOVE whatever is NEW.

PLAN AHEAD, START NOW! The most im­portant action you can take to guarantee salon success this season is to start your holiday planning early and stock up on plenty of holiday merchandise that will support the consumer, product and shopping trends that are trending now and into the New Year.

Excerpted from MODERN SALON HOLIDAY 2014, an exclusive custom edition with CosmoProf and Armstrong McCall to help salon pros plan and grow holiday business. See the complete digital edition at modernsalon.com/holiday.

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