Gina Atkinson, owner of Sola Salon in Las Vegas, has silver white hair and undercuts perfected. Here she offers the HOW TO for her own finish:


Step 1: Isolate the front. This will be the last area to be colored.

Step 2: Start by sectioning the hair in the back in 1/8 inch sections. (Be careful not to overlap.) Apply just slightly off scalp to allow color to expand.  Color used: Redken Flashlift with 30 volume developer blended with Olaplex.

Step 3: Process for 30 – 45 minutes.

Step 4: Rinse thoroughly and towel dry.

Step 5: On damp hair apply toner from base to ends: Paul Mitchell UTA+UTP+ 1 purple shot with equal parts 5 volume developer. 

Step 6: Process for 10 minutes. Rinse only.


-Consultation is key. Make sure your guest is truly committed to this style before cutting the hair. Trends come and go. This particular trend is a hard and has a lengthy grow out phase.

-Offer “clean ups” in between service so your guest isn't tempted to clean it up herself.

-Understand that this cut is generally most flattering on women with softer features.

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