Mike Petrizzi, Artistic Director for AGEbeautiful has been playing around with the new 5RR which he finds “Remarkable! It’s a fiery hue that lasts up to 8 weeks and address all the 5 signs of aging, which in addition to loss of color include loss of: volume, shine, moisture and manageability.”

Here Petrizzi shares the HOW TO for one of his favorite makeovers on Melissa:

Formula One:

4oz AGEbeautiful 5RR Liqui-Crème Permanent

4oz 30 Volume AGEbeautiful Developer

Formula Two:

4oz AGEbeautiful 5RR Liqui-Crème Permanent

4oz 40 Volume AGEbeautiful Developer

Step 1. Begin the root application using formula one. Apply this to the first inch of hair from the scalp.

Step 2. Once your roots are applied, apply formula two to the mid shafts to ends of the hair. Be sure to evenly saturate the hair, taking fine sections.

Step 3: Process for 45 minutes.

Step 4: Rinse, shampoo and condition.

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