Halloween How-To: Black Cat Makeup

Didn’t think about a costume until last minute? No problem! Pair this easy kitty-cat inspired makeup with a black dress (or leggings and t-shirt!), tail, ears, and products from beautyADDICTS for a purr-fect last-minute costume!


Step 1: Prep & perfect skin with beautyADDICTS Mineral Sheer Tint Tinted Moisturizer and Double Deception Concealer. Use Double Deception Concealer to highlight the fronts of the face: the center of the forehead, under the eyes, and the center of the chin. Come back in with Glimmer Sheers Highlighter in SEDUCE on the brow bone and tops of cheeks. 


Step 2: Lightly contour cheekbones with beautyADDICTS Hydra Sunrays Bronzer instead of blush.


Step 3: With beautyADDICTS Effortless Eyes Eyeliner in SEDUCE, gently trace eyebrows and dot “whisker” marks across the apples of cheeks. Continue to fill in the tip of nose and top lip with SEDUCE eyeliner. In short strokes, draw a line to connect the bottom of nose with top lip.


Step 4: Finish the look with a coat of beautyADDICTS showOFF Mascara to get dramatic lashes without the hassle of falsies.


Tip: Carefully go over SEDUCE eyeliner with matte, black eyeshadow to ensure your look lasts through the entire night!


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