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How to Be Younger Forever

by Anne Moratto | October 28, 2014
Carlos Valenzuela
Carlos Valenzuela

In a few days, I will be sixty-nine years old and celebrate forty years in the beauty industry. Don’t worry, I am not about to tell you I don’t look or feel my age, but I do think the beauty industry can keep practitioners young forever.

You and I share one thing in common when we stepped out of the box and signed up for beauty school. When I enrolled, beauty school was considered a mindless career. Mindless is good, I say. I bet you can look back to the many times you mindlessly colored outside the lines. Weren’t you the one who befriended the wallflower? The one the pretty boy came to and secretly shared he was gay? Who rejected bullying way before it was fashionable? And, you don’t do this to be cool--this is just how you roll. This wonderful weirdness is what keeps you young.
Recently, I judged a most awesome student competition at Battle of the Strands in Las Vegas. Battle is chock-full of people who step outside the box. Yes, it was exhausting---but, I couldn’t stop, I couldn’t resist not being everywhere at all times. When it was over, I was so energized that I didn’t think I needed an airplane to fly home. Creativity, the essence of vitality, runs in our veins and bonds our community, and is the reason I show up to most shows-- for a fix and to see what you are up to. 

Maybe I belong in a rocking chair having decaffeinated tea---and not before a crowd who could pass for my great grandchildren

  1. Keep stepping outside the box. You change the world with actions. Not opinions.  
  2. It’s not about acting or dressing younger— but never act your age.
  3. Respect yourself and others. Notice it’s the cranky and judgmental that look old. Show up with the highest level of respect for yourself. This is the greatest gift you can give yourself and others.
  4. Adjust your expectations--get there and look for the new lesson in every situation.
  5. Do it drama free. Do what you said you would, on time, the right way and leave the drama out of it. Get it done, smile and move on.
  6. Work hard or go home—sitting around bored and grumpy?
    Look for someone in need and help him or her out.
  7. Be nice--come on—deep down you know nothing can really hurt you. Honor that feeling.

There’s no stopping us now. In a few years, you might see an old man in a wheel chair at a hair show---that would be me. Come over and tell me the reason for the fire in your belly.


Carlos Valenzuela: is a consultant, speaker, stylist, bilingual trainer, and author of i-Fabulous Salon Success, a guide for new salon professionals. 
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