Dermalogica professional skin care announces the launch of Expert Plus, a new platform designed to reward top-performing skin therapists for their Dermalogica expertise and dedication to staying up-to-date on industry standards. Expert Plus will serve as the highest level of the company’s Expert Program, a multi-tiered educational pathway developed to offer greater knowledge, profits, and recognition to accounts which carry the Dermalogica product line and skin therapists who use the Dermalogica brand in professional treatments.

Potential Expert Plus members will be identified by members of the Dermalogica “tribe” and invited to participate in the program. To qualify, skin therapists will have completed the Expert Program, perform core concepts in their salon, attend classes, and embrace the Dermalogica spirit. These top-level Experts will then serve as Dermalogica brand ambassadors, sharing their expertise through guest-blogs posted on the brand’s education center, participating in Dermalogica round-tables, and sharing their success-stories in the Dermalogica calendar and in the brand’s Living Skin newsletter.

“Our Expert PLUS Program demonstrates that our brand’s core concepts are not only good for skin--- they’re good for business as well," says Dermalogica’s Senior Director of US Education Heather Hickman. "Today’s competitive field requires greater desire, greater excellence, greater performance, and that is what these Experts are all about. And there is no one better to inspire and empower our tribe than these top performers in the skin care profession.”

 The Expert Program, originally developed to build technical skill and increase business profitability throughout the Dermalogica “tribe”, was initially structured into three tiers: Dermalogica Certified (Tier 1), Dermalogica Specialist (Tier 2), and Dermalogica Expert (Tier 3). Participants must complete a series of progressively more challenging classes in order to move from one tier to the next. In addition to perfecting proficiency with an array of specific ingredients, treatments and Dermalogica products, the series also enriches the skill-set of the participant with vital business knowledge, including tips on merchandising, retailing and event-planning. Participants may start the program, beginning with the Dermalogica Certified module, with training either in-person or online, with DermLive online Classes for the two advanced modules are offered at Dermalogica’s training centers across the USA, and culminate with a hands-on, in-classroom assessment of the participant’s knowledge and skills by an Advanced or Senior Instructor. Completion of each module is marked by receiving a lapel pin and certificate to enhance the program participant’s growing professional accomplishments.