UNITE Global Education Director Marcus Allen believes that hoping to have a good 2015 in the salon will not get you very far; you must move beyond hope toward taking action with outlined steps to your goal. The former manager of Harrod's Urban Retreat--literally hundreds of employees, 22,000 square feet of salon---Allen has outlined some actions to commit to before the year is out. He and UNITE Founder and President Andrew Dale present many more business success strategies in an ongoing series of classes, Paramount Business.

  1. Your retail target should be to sell out of all the overstock. This way you are starting the new year with a better par level.
  2. Plan to have appraisals even if it just to talk about last year and what team members would like to do in 2015.
  3. Ask yourself, what are we going to do in down time for the six weeks until the client comes back?  Maybe training new colour and styling tech?
  4. The big clean, the run up to the holiday is a busy time.
  5. Schedule a staff meeting to work on what are the plans for the new year and to brainstorm.
  6. Do each other's hair.
  7. Look at and be aware of people taking their holiday time off. Less team members in the salon means more clients for those that are working. Plan accordingly.
  8. Plan the date for the mangers and owner to have a two-day planning meeting.
  9. Throw a small party as a thank you for the year’s hard work.
  10. Write down a list of all the things you didn’t do this year so you are ready to attack it head on, next year.  

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