Joleen Sodaro ( @hairgeniejo), a stylist at Hue Salon and Boutique, Panama City, Florida often collaborates with a local photographer (@hellomisslovely) Autumn Beury and local makeup artist (@tinabeenz) Christina Engman for different collections. For this look Sodaro enlisted the help of fellow stylist and coworker Falynn Penton to help with styling.

Here she offers the color How To:

Step 1: Apply Redken Flash Lift with 30 volume (blended with Olaplex) from mids to ends.

Step 2: For the new growth apply Redken Flash Lift with 20 volume (blended and Olaplex). 

Step 3: Place under a processing cap and process for approximately 30 mins (lifting to level 7).

Step 4: Rinse and apply Step 2 of Olaplex. Shampoo and condition. Dry hair.

Step 5: Blend 1 tube Pravana Vivids Red, diluted with 1/4 tube Clear. Apply from scalp to 1/2 inch out.

Step 6: Melt this shade into zone 2 formula (1 tube of Neon Orange blended with 1 tube of Orange).

Step 7: Melt that shade to zone 3 formula (Pravana Neon Yellow) making sure when melting the zones together to push the color into the hair so it's not spotty and to ensure a smooth transition.

Step 8: Process for 30 minutes and then rinse with cold water. Condition the hair.


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