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It was all about color for the Jeremy Scott F/W 2015 collection and Wella Global Creative Director Eugene Souleiman  delivered with hot splat shades on black wigs.

“Jeremy’s collection was based on dolls so I wanted to follow that theme through in the hair, with a very faux, strong, bright, colorful fun look," says Souleiman. "We used wigs to create the shattered cuts and painted on color to complete the playful, imprecise and deconstructed feel. The look is reminiscent of Beatrice Dalle in the film Betty Blue when she goes beserk and cuts off her hair, it shouldn’t be perfect. I worked with Jeremy to select the shades and the intention was to create color clashes with the fabrics. I was excited to be able to use the new EIMI product range to prep the hair before applying the wigs. Here are my tips to re-create the Jeremy Scott look.”

Hair Preparation

  1. Section the hair into circular thirds, tying the center third (at the crown) into a tight ponytail and clip to one side.
  2. Prepare the hair for the wig by wrapping the middle section tightly around the head, using EIMI Stay Styled hairspray to keep it in place. Repeat with the top section so the hair forms a ‘skull cap’, reducing the bulk of the hair.
  3. Take the bottom third and spray liberally with hairspray. Pull it tightly over the rest of the hair into a high ponytail and fold the ends so that it lies flat to the head and fix into place.

Wig Preparation

  1. Place the wig slightly further back on the head, keeping the forehead exposed. Secure either side, just above eye level, with grips.
  2. The majority of the cutting was done before the wig was put on, but finishes the fringe once the wig is in place.
  3. Using thinning shears, cut into the fringe in a chopped up way, the razored texture will create a shattered look. Cut with conviction, this is not for faint hearted!
  4. The bottom layers should be seriously short, but leave some longer top sections to pull down over the undercutting.
  5. Use EIMI Dry Me to add some texture and then apply the color. I used acrylic paint with a polymer to give it shine, but you could use any color to achieve a similar effect.
  6. Paint on liberally, you should be able to see the brush strokes in the hair. This part is very easy to do, it shouldn’t be pretentious or considered.
  7. Finally blow dry with a diffuser to set the paint and finish the style, using EIMI Style Styled hairspray to add texture and hold the longer layers away from the head to reveal the undercutting beneath.

Eugene Souleiman (Global Creative Director, Wella) and Maggie Mulhern backstage at Jeremy Scott, F/W 2015


Color was equally important for the nails. MODERN checked in with OPI's Miss Pop to learn more about the tips prepared for the models.

Miss Pop (OPI) and Maggie Mulhern at Jeremy Scott, F/W 2015


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