5 hair extension application don'ts: 

Don’t assume

Do not misjudge clients before you talk to them about extensions. Just because they don’t fit the profile of a typical hair extension client does not mean they are not interested. A lot of clients just don’t know the world of options we have to offer with extensions. Consulting with your client and educating them is key.

Don’t think more extensions are always better

Some beginners make the mistake of thinking more hair is always better. Though more extensions will fulfill that aim more fully, it could result in an unnatural effect. If the client’s hair is fine, adding additional thick strands may look out of place and make it look like your client has extensions.

Don’t go too long

Properly fitted extensions should not cause damage. Hair damage is a result of overly heavy extensions. As a general rule, hair extensions should not be more than 4-5 inches longer than the client’s natural hair. Time and time again, I have seen the damage that overly long extensions cause and the damage takes a long time to repair.

Don’t be stuck on placement

Try different placements of the extensions as each client’s head is different. There is a large range of placement options, use them creatively.  

Don’t get stuck on one type

There are so many different brands and types. Not every type works for every client. Pay close attention to what the client wants for their hair and how they would like it to look after the extensions. Also pay attention to what their hair is strong enough to handle. Evaluating and analyzing the goal with consideration of what you are starting with will lead you to selecting the best product for your client.

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