Stephanie Von Meijer (@von_meijer) is a stylist in Las Vegas and a Wella Master Color Expert.

"I am a huge advocate for investing in yourself with extended education," says Von Meijer. "I make it a point to take at least one class a month so that I can stay on top of trends and techniques. Last year alone I invested over $20,000 in my extended education and I took over 37 classes. I get to constantly feel beyond inspired by the amazing stylists providing the classes and the stylists that sacrificeand dedicate time to take classes. Doing this has dramatically changed my life and I couldn't imagine not doing it. I hope to in the near future be a strong character in the industry to advocate extended education to stylist so we can all grow together, and I'm beyond excited for that!"


MODERN found this gorgeous platinum LOB on Instagram and asked for more information.


"On Christina I did one of my versions of freehand painting that looks like highlights but has a soft diffused line that allows for a longer grow out. On Christina it allows her to come in ever 8-10 weeks, which is fantastic for her life style because she is in medical school."


Here she shares the formula in her own words:


Hair painting: 1:1 WELLA Blondor Multi blonding powder and 6% Koleston perfect developer.

Technique: partial- taking diagonal back sections about 1.5inch wide and .5inch thick holding out at 90% and create your light line and softly diffuse it close to the base of the section of hair. After doing this grabbing a dry brush and softly dry brushing to make diffusion softer.


Process until all sections are dry.

Take client back and shampoo and treat with Wella Post Treat to even out pH levels to keep integrity of the hair. Leave that on for 5 minutes and then apply toner/base breaker.


Toner/base breaker: using Wella Illumina Color 15g 10/ + 15g 9/60

+60g 1.9%. Leaving this on the base for 10 minutes and apply more to the ends and process another 5 minutes, rinse, and post treat again to balance the hair pH levels. *the trick with getting the hair not to pull to much violet is to have a neutral base like the 10/ in this formula or adding some gold to your formula.