In high school, I left the beauty salon one too many times crying over a failed up do for a dance, only to be left to begging any friend for help who was available last minute. Years later, I have finally learned to speak up, as I realized the person behind the chair can’t fix anything if all they see is a grin of approval across my face. With that said, it’s important to do everything you can to ensure your clients don’t walk away with their head in their hands. Cosmetology is an industry based on beauty and trust so how can you make sure to accomplish these traits and create a wonderful experience for the customer?

5 ways to separate awesome from average stylists:

  1. Passion with a purpose: Passions tend to change over time but with a purpose, there is direction and focus day after day. What are your goals? What do you strive for on a daily basis? Always remember what you love about working behind the chair.
  2. No bad questions: Good students do well in school but exceptional students never stop learning. Just because your classes may be over, doesn’t mean it’s time to shut the text books. Take any chance you get to increase your knowledge whether it be advanced education, interviewing a professional, or keeping up with industry news.
  3. Genuine Interest: In this profession, customer service and interaction is just as important as your scissor skills. People are trusting you with a very important part of their self-confidence and they look for someone who not only gives them a great cut, but makes the experience enjoyable. Invest the time to get to know your clients and remember important anecdotes so you can address it next time they schedule an appointment.
  4. Practice what you preach: Nobody wants to get a haircut from somebody who isn’t well kept themselves so it’s imperative to look put together and helpful to stay updated on current trends, styles and products. In a sea of black uniforms, find ways to embrace your unique style whether it’s the color of your hair, the way you do your makeup or wearing your favorite pair of shoes. First impressions are key, no matter what business you’re in.
  5. Stay determined: It is possible that not EVERY client will walk away happy, even if their new color looks identical to the celebrity photo they brought in. Don’t let that get you down -- As long as you provide the best service you can but also learn from the situation, you will be better prepared for handing something similar in the future. 


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