Angelina Stranieri (@lechandeliersalon), owner of Lé Chandelier Salon and Boutique, Philadelphia, PA, was ready to transform her blonde client into a bombshell redhead...but "As I was about to mix up her formula, she stopped me and pulled out a photo. The model had purple, blush, and gold tones throughout. It was truly a  stunning color. Always up for a change, I gladly accepted the challenge!"

Stranieri's first thought was that she wanted to deepen her natural level 8 regrowth, but not too much. "Originally, I wasn't going to alternate two different formulas, but I wanted her hair to have as much depth and dimension as possible, plus a little glimmer of gold."

Here she shares the HOW TO:

Formula (all color by LAKME):

Step 1: Apply to new growth: 25g 8/22 + 5g 5/22 (gloss) + 60g Gloss Emulsion

Step 2: From mid-shaft to ends alternate:

10g 8/22 (gloss) + 20g Gloss Emulsion

10g 10/40 (collage) + 15g 10volume

Step 3: Process for 30 minutes and then rinse and shampoo!






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