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Ria Hood (@hairbyriahood) of My Salon, Chico, California, says that "Everyday is the best because I don't feel like I even go to work. I go to 'My Salon' and hang out with all of my girlfriends and help them feel beautiful, while I get to be creative. It's absolutely a dream!"

Hood helped make a dream come true for virgin haired Vidia. "She was so sweet," she says. "She wanted pink hair for her birthday."

"There is a technique I use to lighten the hair, to get the most coverage in minimal time." Here she shares the HOW TO:

Step 1: Starting from bottom, apply lightner with 10 volume developer to slices sections throughout the hair.

Step 2: Process under a dryer for 20 minutes lifting to a level 9/10. Dry completely.

Step 3: Apply Pravana Vivids: one tube Magenta with one tube Pink. (She has a lot of hair so I took a lot of product).

Step 4: Process under a dryer for 20 minutes.


"I find more is more with vivids. Heavy saturation is key. Total time: 3 hours."