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How to Cut a High Bald Fade

  1. Cut the top sections with the clipper over comb technique. Cut against the grain of the hair so the hair will feed into the comb easier. This is also a contoured shaped haircut so keep the comb parallel to the contour of the head taking off the desired length.
  2. Use a wider tooth thinning shear to take out some of the thickness. This will allow the hair to spike up a little bit while also giving a textured looking finish.
  3. Cut the round of the head section using a 3/8th metal blade or attachment comb. Blend this length into the top section by cutting slightly past the round of the head and blending into the top. If you over exaggerate an imaginary line you will not leave any line of demarcation to blend out.
  4. Repeat step 3 with ¼ inch metal blade or attachment comb and continue to repeat with each smaller blade or attachment comb until you get to the smallest one.
  5. Use an adjustable clipper in the open position with a slow scooping motion. Repeat this with the clipper blade halfway closed and then all of the way closed.
  6. Use a trimmer next to cut the hair closer preparing for the beard trimmer or foil shaver.
  7. For the final step to get the smooth bald cut use a foil shaver.


Make sure when cutting a fade that you exaggerate an imaginary line away from the scalp to ensure you do not leave a line of demarcation to blend out. Start with your larger blades and work down. This will also help to avoid the blending step which takes a long time and is very difficult. This step is sometimes referred to as reverse fading. Finally, make sure to leave a little bit of space between each blade length. This is what creates the fading effect.


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