Editor Lauren Quick (right) met Insta-famous colorist Larisa Love (@larisadoll) at the
Editor Lauren Quick (right) met Insta-famous colorist Larisa Love (@larisadoll) at the 2015 International Salon and Spa Expo in Long Beach, California. Love is a master of haircolor and of connecting to her audience via social media; see her on Instagram and new app Periscope. (photo credit: Stacey Soble)Stacey Soble

Connecting the Dots

Meeting someone for the first time is a unique experience. It can be a little uncomfortable and even awkward, but there’s no denying that spark of a connection when you meet someone you like—a best friend, boyfriend, mentor or idol.


In a world that declares real, genuine, face-to-face connections are a dying breed, hairdressers continue to thrive in a culture of connections, meetings and community. It’s a unique component of who you are.


You’re making connections in other ways when you draw inspiration from the runway, nature, art and design. Have you noticed something different about this issue of FIRST CHAIR? We’re inspired by many of the same things you are, and we have brightened up our pages with a new design that we hope you appreciate and relate to.


This issue exists to help you get from point A to point B in all facets of your burgeoning career. Model-recruiting can be intimidating if your mom is getting tired of being your go-to for practicals and demo days; our feature aims to inspire confidence and make things just a little less confusing when seeking a model for practicals, photoshoots or salon auditions.


If making sure there’s no missing link between a client consultation and the finished result is a concern of yours, we’ve gathered 10 conversation-starters to help clear the air before the hair falls. And when you are done with it all, license in hand, ready to explore the big, bustling world of post-grad life, we want to help you make the leap with some sound advice.


And we have someone you should meet: me. After serving FIRST CHAIR and its Modern Salon Media siblings as assistant editor for the past year and a half, I’m stepping up as editor of FIRST CHAIR. I’m thrilled to curate content that I hope enlightens and inspires you, and I welcome constructive criticism, feedback or just a note saying, “Hi.”


Your life as a stylist is bound to be chock-full of connections—make sure you don’t miss any.


Here's to you and your success!

-Lauren Quick


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