HOW-TO: Hidden Gems
Nicole Giblin

Nicole Giblin (@pureblissbeautytherapy), owner of Pure Bliss Beauty Therapy in Sydney, Australia has a few tricks up her sleeve. At first glance, this color creation looks like a multidimensional ombre of magenta, purple and maybe a hint of burgundy, yet the real gem lies underneath. Lift a layer of hair to expose color melts of both various cool and warm-toned hues. 

"I was really inspired by the whole Vivid & Neon range from Pravana – their bright colors and ability to mix and create your own colors that seamlessly blend and flow is amazing!" Giblin says. "I LOVE Guy Tang and Rebecca Taylor. They are always experimenting and coming out with new ideas and ways to color."

Giblin's client wanted something "bright and colorful." The client had come in with virgin hair and put her full trust in Giblin to do "whatever."

"I then new exactly what I wanted to do and after analyzing the hair, I knew how to do it," Giblin says.

STEP 1: Pre-lighten hair in a balayage technique using Pravana lightener and 20vol.
STEP 2: "I did one section at her nape area using Pravana lightener and 30vol because I wanted to get that section to a level 10 so I could use a Neon Color."
STEP 3: Once client's hair reaches the desired level, rinse and dry hair completely.
STEP 4: "At the nape area, I applied Pravana Neon Blue and from there up I alternated from Pravana Violet and Pravana Magenta."
STEP 5: "One section I did Magenta, blending to Violet, and the next Violet blending to Magenta. In areas the two colors met and blended together, the combination turned to such a vibrant pinky purple. It was incredible!"
STEP 6: After the color processes at room temperature for 20 minutes, wash and blowdry. "I always apply Unite 7 Seconds leave-in conditioner before any blow dry but especially after any color service. It makes the hair feel like silk and so much easier to blow dry and style!"

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