Andrew Dale, CEO and Founder of UNITE Hair
Andrew Dale, CEO and Founder of UNITE Hair

Andrew Dale, CEO and Founder of Unite Hair, has been named one of the "Most Admired CEOs" by the San Diego Business Journal. A former Sassoon educator, successful salon owner and enthusiastic entrepreneur, Dale was recognized for offering his employees extra perks like in-house yoga classes and for contributing thousands to local charities. The name of his company defines his philosophy: bringing hairdressers together to celebrate their mutual passion for hair and beauty and to provide them with the tools they needed to thrive.

Man’s Best Friend: My wife and I have rescued three pit bulls, and they rule the house. Pitt bulls have this reputation as scary, dangerous dogs, but they are absolutely the most loving of dogs. In fact, years ago, they were called the nanny dog because they were—and are—so good around children.  One of them, Hippo, came to our recent Paramount Beauty class and went from table to table, meeting everyone.

Designer: Tom Ford

Look: A cross between California casual and London chic

Personal Passion: Clay Shooting. It takes my mind away from the business a bit so I focus on it twice as clearly. It provides balance.

If not a hairdresser: In the fashion industry

Makeover: Every local news anchor, male or female!

Personal Icon: David Bowie.  He’s so creative and he is also one of the world’s wealthiest individual musicians. Years ago, in an interview he said you want to make sure that you manage your own business; hire a great attorney but a manager won’t run things the way you want. He said, take control of your company and take control of your brand and that is what I have done.

Favorite Beauty Era: 1940’s

Where do you find inspiration: The ever-changing world.

Every beauty professional should: Have discipline. We creative hairdressers tend to run our lives creatively but we need to add a little bit of discipline. When I first started doing hair, I wish I had committed to doing yoga three times a week because all that standing up takes a toll. We need to pay attention to the discipline of scheduling, of being at work on time, the discipline of training and doing what needs to be done.

Best vacation: Everywhere I go with my wife, Brenda





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