Gary Yeung (@eclipsesalonsf), a color specialist and owner of Eclipse Salon in San Francisco, CA, prefers to create hair color that looks very natural and dimensional, but realizes that "sometimes a total transformation is necessary." For new client Mary, Yeung knew he would have to "go for it" to prevent any brass (which she made clear was something she wanted to avoid.)

Here he shares HOW he transformed the color, using a fresh formula and balayage, to create a beautiful finish (and he promises NO extensions are used here!):

STEP 1: Using Schwarzkopf Blonde Me blended with 30 and 40 Volume peroxides (with Olaplex No 1), balayage the hair throughout.

STEP 2: Process for  45 minutes and shampoo. 

STEP 3: Apply a second round of blonde balayage and process for 30 minute process (to ensure all the brassiness is out completely.)

STEP 4: Shampoo and apply Olaplex No. 2. Process for 35 minutes. Shampoo.

STEP 5: Tone the base with Joico 7A with TSB with 13 volume developer.  For the rest of the hair tone with Joico 10A and Wella Color Perfect 10N with TSB 13 volume peroxide. Blend together to prevent any line of demarkation. Process for 25 minutes.