Gayle Fulbright and Connie Kecskes of Headlines The Salon in Encinitas, CA, are Eufora Global...
Gayle Fulbright and Connie Kecskes of Headlines The Salon in Encinitas, CA, are Eufora Global Educators and two of Don Bewley's biggest fans.

THE EVENT: The Eufora family gathered in San Diego, CA on November 1-2, 2015, for the brand’s salon business summit, Vision Quest.  On the Friday before, tragedy struck when Eufora founder Don Bewley passed away suddenly.  His widow, Eufora CEO Beth Bewley, wanted everything to proceed as planned, and, as a result, the salon owners, hairdressers and Eufora team members who attended were able to simultaneously support each other over the terrible loss of their mentor and friend, while also celebrating and honoring his memory by getting the most out of the program that Don and Beth had planned for the people they call “family.”

THE DETAILS:  Two days of keynote speakers and break-out sessions included advice on all aspects of salon management, financial strategies, self-care and how to become a six figure hairdresser.  Sunday evening, a Style Show was presented, with creative direction by celebrity hairdresser Philip Carreon of Estilo Salon, and all proceeds benefitting a charity close to Don Bewley’s heart, ChildHelp.   Carreon collaborated with Bewley to create a new haircut and styling collection, Architexture, which Carreon described as being about building a form or shape and then deconstructing and emphasizing the color.

On putting the fashion show together while reeling from their loss, Fred Phillips, executive vice president of sales, Eufora, said, “This would have made Don so happy; give the Eufora people a challenge and they show up.” (Below, the Eufora artists on stage after the presentation with Carreon--with the mic--and Philips--far right.)

THE EDUCATION:   The summit featured educators from the professional salon world who understand what a day in the life of a hairdresser looks like and could address their “pain points.” One of the keynote speakers, Harry Wood (below), developer of the Six Figure Hairdresser concept—book, education, App—spoke about his mission to bridge the gap between the art of beauty and the art of business. That can be accomplished, Wood says, with setting the intention, executing and achieving mastery. “Set goals, reach them, and then set higher goals.”

Joanne Magana, Eufora global team business educator, presented the Salon Coordinator Program, an abbreviated version of a longer class she gives on training top-notch front desk and reception staff in salons.   “You set the tone in the salon and people take on your characteristics,” Magana said. “You are responsible for the energy you bring into this space.”

Suggestions from the West PR team of  Krista Lamp (left) and Mia West (right) on becoming more socially-savvy included tips on putting together a Social Media Toolkit.  They shared websites, apps and more to help create more professionally-designed social media posts, to determine the influence of a social media blog or influencer and to integrate multiple platforms on one screen. 

“Money, Money, Money” was the name of Ward Bassett’s class and he took attendees through strategies for growing wealth and avoiding debt which included never committing more than 30% of your income to your housing, eliminating car payments, to stop buying lunch every day at the salon and start brown-bagging it. “It takes just a small hole to sink a big ship.”

HERE WE GO:  Philips, in introducing the second day of the summit, reminded everyone that Don Bewley would always be with them.  “We will continue to stay in his light.  We will all be present today and really see what he wanted you to learn.”

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