'16 Modern Flow Pompadour Hairstyle by Alyssa "Barber" Brasket

In January 2015, Alyssa Brasket of The Barbers in Vancouver, Washington, became the first woman to capture the American Crew U.S. All-Star Challenge, an annual styling and photographic competition. Here, Brasket reinvents the 1950s pompadour style to look more modern for 2016. Here, she provides detailed steps to achieve the look:

STEP 1: Wet hair all over before cutting hair. Use just enough American Crew Firm Hold Gel to create hold. Comb hair away from the face to the back of the neck.

STEP 2: Part hair into a horse shoe shape. Using a barber comb, clippers, and #000 metal blade attachment starting on the left or right side burn. Create a desire length using clipper over comb. 

STEP 3: Once you have the desired length use that length and guide to taper to the top of the horseshoe line.

STEP 4: After going to the top make your way back down combing next to the length you just cut, use it as your guide and work your way around to the other side of the head. Check for balance before the next step.

STEP 5: Next comb hair backwards  (*if hair dried re-damp the head when combing the hair back) take the front bang section comb down and let hair drop in face to get a good read on to determine length for cutting.

STEP 6: After cutting bangs, figure what side your client will part hair. After parting, take the bang section and the side with most hair, part it right by the part as a Mohawk parting and cut starting from the front bang guide working the way backwards then cutting down to where you clipper over comb and connecting them together.

STEP 7: Go back to the front side with the most hair and use what you just cut as point A guide line to point B of the clipper over comb. Do pie section all the way until you end up in the back were guides end from the first guidling.

STEP 8: Work your way back to the front of the face on the other side of the part with less hair. Take the very top part of clipper over comb section from horseshoe shape that was previously cut; take the other side of part with less hair (that you haven't cut yet) comb down 45 degrees with two fingers together to hold the two sections. Use the bottom clipper over comb as your guide to cut the upper part, start by the face cut around to the ending guide of the back that was cut previous.

STEP 9: Then using a feather razor on ends to create texture, separation, and volume all over. (*Don't razor towards the scalp).

STEP 10: Afterwards use a round brush and blow dryer to style hair. Using a dime size work thru hands American Crew Forming Cream starting in the back work towards the front will create a better style. Use a comb to finally work product all over. Then go back with fingers to style in desire look.



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