Megan Rafidi (@meganrafidi), owner of The Megan Rafidi Studio, Cornelius, NC,  says: "This client is actually a long time friend and coworker. She started out as my assistant and grew enough to become her own suite owner where I own my studio. She has baby fine hair and has always loved to be blonde blonde blonde!"

"After a few months of doing Lisa Hart-Walkers 'Wet on Wet' color melt, she was ready for a change. I had been showing her platinum blondes that I wanted to try on her for months. Finally, she was ready. She had about two inches of level 6 new growth and old, washed out highlights."


STEP 1: Apply Wella Blondor 30vol + Olaplex from two inches off scalp to the ends. Process 40 minutes. Rinse. 

STEP 2: Apply Blondor 30vol + Olaplex from roots to ends. Process 40 minutes. Rinse. 

STEP 3: Apply Wella Color Charm T18 + double 20 volume. Process 20 minutes. Rinse. 

STEP 4: Apply Olaplex #2 for 20 minutes while doing a major haircut.  Shampoo. 


STEP 5: Apply Wella Color Charm T18 + double 20 volume for twenty minutes. ("We did this step twice to ensure the hair was as white as possible!")  

STEP 6: Apply Joico intensity Light Pink to the root and melt down into half Light Pink half Clear to get a seamless blend. Process 20 minutes under the dryer and let cool for 10 minutes. 


The Pink was faded out within a week and I had something else I wanted to try, so we continued on.

A week after doing the Platinum and Pink, we decided to go for Metallics.

Formulation for Metallics: 

STEP 7: From roots to ends apply Kenra 10SM permanent hair color + 10 volume.  Process 30 minutes. 

STEP 8: Tone with Kenra 9VM + Violet and Blue booster + 9vol.  Process 25 minutes. 




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