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Dimitri Otis for Getty Images

Participants in the February Healthy Hairdresser Challenge—“Leap Ahead to Financial Success!”—are supplying great tips for increasing business! Insights also have been valuable on the other half of the challenge, which asks you to share the areas of your business that could use a little help.


You still have time to enter the February Challenge—don’t forget that this year February has 29 days!—for a chance to win an Ulta gift card valued at $50. MODERN SALON editors will choose 10 respondents to receive this generous gift, which can be used by salon pros in any Ulta store or online at ulta.com. 


Citing a few things she does well, Challenge participant Nikki W. said, “I believe the strategy that works best for me is putting products into my clients’ hands as I am applying them. I increased my sales ten-fold when I started doing that. I also upsell to my clients; three-fifths of my customers take my suggestions to get a conditioning service with their chemical service or a shampoo and style with their haircut.” In identifying what she could do better, Nikki says that even though Instagram has proven to drive business, it’s hard for her to find time to post on social media. She vows, “I am going to start taking the opportunity to put my social media names on my business cards and ask my clients to add their pictures to my page.”


Here’s a peek into some of the other things our participants are doing well:

  • I ask my clients whether I can put just a few streaks around their face or a few ombre pieces, and they get hooked and I have a color client.—Kamala M.
  • I send out a mass text once a month to say hello or share a special deal. When they receive this, clients who have been putting off contacting me will book right away. I also send out appointment reminders and ask for confirmation on Mondays. This has pretty much gotten rid of no shows.—Mary Jane S.
  • During the appointment, I explain what I am doing today and what I will do at the next visit. This creates excitement and keeps them wanting to come back.—Sara M.
  • We do events that get clients involved. We’ve done a “Glam Night”—$50 for hair, makeup and photography—and “Curls Night Out” to teach women ways to curl their hair for a $20 charge. We offer refreshments, a goodie bag with products, a business card and a coupon for a service. Our events do well!—Cissy G.
  • I switched to a product line that consumers aren’t able to purchase on their own, and my product sales rose greatly—Nicole P.

Our participants struggle with, or could use coaching on, these business challenges they've identified:

  • Setting boundaries and sticking to them. I seem to work on my days off, come in early and stay late to make sure I accommodate my clients. It jeopardizes my family time.—Lori R.
  • The consultation can be challenging for me. When I don’t get an enthusiastic response to the look I give the client, I always wonder whether it’s because I did not ask the right questions during the consultation.—Laquita B.
  • I could use some assistance with how to do promotions. Promotions always get people’s interest, but I am cycling through the same old things and would like some new fresh ideas.—Karen W.
  • Sometimes I tell myself in the morning, “I will give out 10 business cards today.” I never do it. I end up disappointing myself time and time again.—Farah T.
  • I have never been a strong prebooker and am curious to know if there is a unique, non-pushy way to encourage prebooking.—Gabie V.


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