Sunitha Pilli for Getty Images
Sunitha Pilli for Getty Images

As our industry depends on water and Healthy Hairdresser emphasizes the importance of drinking water all day long, you may want to note that March 22 is World Water Day 2016. It’s a good time remember that 1 in 10 people worldwide lack access to clean and safe drinking water. That comes to 663 million people. One third of wells drilled overseas during the past 20 years are now broken. Watch this video for information about the water situation in Uganda.


The Adventure Project, a nonprofit that creates jobs in developing countries, has launched the “Buy One Drink” campaign. Mattel, Inc., is matching the first $15,000 raised. If you choose to donate, your donation will provide:

$1—bottle of water

$3—cup of coffee

$9—glass of wine

$40—“buy a round” and provide one person in Uganda with clean water


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