Team Spirit: Fuel's Education Team

by Lauren Quick | May 20, 2016
Left to right: Lindsey Misale, David Young (brand ambassador), Raquel Deanda-Wyatt, Kelsey Higginbotham,
Jealissa Martinez, Carlos Gallegos, Ashley Deubel and Steven Salina Ernewein.
Left to right: Lindsey Misale, David Young (brand ambassador), Raquel Deanda-Wyatt, Kelsey Higginbotham, Jealissa Martinez, Carlos Gallegos, Ashley Deubel and Steven Salina Ernewein.

Real Talk

The Fuel education team prides itself on no-frills education from stylists who truly believe what they are teaching.

We are living in the age of transparency. Irreverence and superficiality is spotted a mile away, and the Fuel education team wholeheartedly embraces the buzzwords of authenticity and integrity.


“We believe in the change we’re trying to create in the industry, and we’re grateful for those we get to do it with and for,” says Ashley Deubel, Fuel educator. “Although Fuel has shears, tools and wet products, we’re an education company through and through.”


The brand is relatively new to the professional beauty scene, having started making waves in early 2015, but its message has been very clearly embedded in its ethos since day one. The brand appeals to a community of True Stylists headed by a team of 10 educators who seek to express integrity in all they do.


“At Fuel, we offer education revolving around cutting and upstyling, product knowledge, which includes shear training, and, most importantly, how to work smarter instead of harder,” says Lindsey Misale, FuelEd director of education. “We understand the challenges stylists have in the salon and offer curricula that will not only help strengthen their skill level but also strengthen their relationships with guests and colleagues.”


Fuel educators are experienced in all levels of cutting and styling and are chosen for the team through a multi-step process: first, a video submission to demonstrate knowledge and skills, then a Skype meeting with selected individuals.


“We are looking for what we like to call the un-trainable qualities first, such as their attitude, lifestyle and outlook on life,” Misale says.


If someone seems like they could fit in, they’re invited to Fuel’s Train the Trainer program, an intense, three-day training covering presentation skills, helping adults learn at a high level and hands-on sessions with cutting and styling.


The FuelEd team is definitely composed of a certain type of individual. Misale and Deubel agree that integrity is a quality that both ties its educators together and sets the team apart.


“Fuel and its educators bring their best to the True Stylist and the beauty industry,” says Kelsey Higginbotham, Fuel educator. “We stand behind our brand and our education. Fuel is about education and always striving for improvement.”


And for 2016, Misale sees a lot of potential for that betterment of the team and the industry.


“We are a fast-growing company, and that means we will need more great people to join our team,” Misale says. “Fuel intends to boast four educators in  every distributor territory across North America. We already have a very busy education schedule set for this year and are in the process of booking more Emerge Events and hands-on classes in new areas every day.”


The team intends to share its passion and education with stylists across North America, and for those interested in joining the FuelEd team, a tiered structure ensures longevity and career growth. The team is unique but shares the same vision of authenticity and acceptance.


“This is difficult to put into words because there is so much that each Fuel educator brings to the table that is truly individual but absolutely works as a whole,” Misale says. “So perhaps that’s just it: We accept each other as individual people and artists and genuinely want each other to succeed and inspire others to do the same.”

FuelEd Team

  • Lindsey Misale, director of education
  • Antje Kastner, lead upstyling educator
  • Steven Salina Ernewein, lead educator
  • Paulo Passani, lead platform artist
  • Raquel Deanda-Wyatt, educator
  • Ashley Deubel, educator
  • Carlos Gallegos, educator
  • Kelsey Higginbotham, educator
  • Jealissa Martinez, educator
  • Kathleen Tremblay, educator
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