PARODI Professional Care is proud to announce the expansion of its distribution network within the USA. Salon owners and professionals can now purchase PARODI products through seven full-service distributors across the country, including:

  • Four Star Salon Services, Hauppauge, NY. Covering downstate NY metro area and NJ.
  • Freeman Salon Systems, Denver, CO and covering CO.
  • Goldwell NY, Rochester, NY. Covering Upstate New York.
  • National Salon Resource, Minneapolis, MN. Covering MN, WI, NE, IA, ND and SD.
  • Peerless Beauty Supply, Salt Lake City, UT. Covering UT and south ID.
  • Premier Beauty Supply, Northbrook, IL. Covering IL, IN, MI, OH and KY.
  • Princess Salon Services, San Antonio, TX. Covering OK and TX.
  • TruStar Salon Services, Pompano Beach, FL and covering FL.

Creating beauty for clients often comes at the expense of a stylist’s well being. The mission for the PARODI Professional Care products is to make salon professionals, and their clients, feel good both in and outside the salon.

“I firmly believe that every hairdresser deserves to feel great every day, all day long,” said Linda Gillette Parodi, founder and CEO of PARODI Professional Care.

Although the PARODI products were developed for salon professionals, they can also benefit salon customers dealing with similar exposure to water and chemicals. PARODI Professional Care encourages stylists to share the PARODI “secret” and recommend the products to clients for purchase at the salon.

“We are thrilled with the continuous excitement for PARODI from distributors and salon professionals alike,” said Gillette Parodi. As a trained stylist herself, Gillette Parodi knows the damaging effect prolonged exposure to water and chemicals can have on the body. “The possibilities of helping professionals enjoy their chosen career even more by helping them take care of their bodies motivate me every day.”

In selecting distributors, PARODI engaged companies that matched its own dedication to the profession, and enthusiastically entrepreneurial spirit. For salons or consumers without access to PARODI’s distributors, purchases may be made on the company’s website –

Current Line of PARODI Professional Care Products

Developed in Switzerland, tested with hairstylists in Europe as well as in the United States, PARODI Professional Care products are produced exclusively in the U.S., with no parabens, silicones, or petrochemicals. PARODI Professional Care products currently include: the PARODI Daily Moisturizing Hand Cream, PARODI Intensive Moisturizing Hand Cream, PARODI Nourishing Foot Cream and most recently PARODI Smoothing Exfoliant for the Feet.

PARODI Daily Moisturizing Hand Cream

  • The perfect everyday, all day choice for every salon professional and clients whose hands are frequently exposed to water, chemicals, heat, gloves and other irritants.
  • Fast absorbing, non-greasy formula allows stylists to immediately begin working on clients after applying.
  • Leaves hands moisturized, revitalized and protected during repeated exposure to water. That moisturized feeling can last through several shampoo services.

PARODI Intensive Moisturizing Hand Cream

  • For every professional or client with extremely dry hands
  • Rich emollient formula immediately comforts dry, dehydrated skin and overworked hands
  • Deeply nourishing, providing long-lasting moisture
  • Leaves hands radiant and smooth in appearance
  • Ideal for applying at the end of a long, hardworking day

PARODI Nourishing Foot Cream

  • Perfect treatment for anyone on her, or his, feet all day
  • Softens, soothes and hydrates dry, tired feet
  • Keeps callouses under control
  • Moisturizes while giving feet a luxurious look and feel

NEW PARODI Smoothing Exfoliant for the Feet

  • Helps feet look and feel softer and smoother
  • Both chemical and physical exfoliants smooth skin on tired feet
  • Removes dead skin and helps reduce callouses
  • Stimulating and refreshing formula for everyone

PARODI Professional Care is active in social media directed to the salon professional. All are invited to join the conversation at, on twitter @parodicares with #parodicares, and at the company website All communications will offer health and well-being related tips and ideas for salon professionals and their clients.

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