July Challenge Participants Share their Goals for Journaling
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This month’s Healthy Hairdresser Challenge empowers salon pros to talk about themselves! We are asking you to share how, why and when you journal or document your experiences. You still have 10 days to enter the Challenge for a chance to win one of 10 My Portfolio books from our sponsor, Fuel.


So far the responses are interesting! Nighttime is emerging as the most popular time of day for our Challenge participants to journal and reflect, and some add a morning session as well. Some are using this as an opportunity to start a food diary or write down body goals and track progress, others are approaching it more as a “stream of consciousness” in becoming mindful of the thoughts running through their head, some are writing in order to focus on becoming increasingly spiritual and still others are incorporating business and creative growth.


“I will write in my journal daily after work, when I’m home by myself and can relax and clear my mind,” vows Tina H., who’s recovering from a hospital stay, while Sherri B. is determined “to step out a lot further to help new stylists become successful behind the chair through advanced training.”


William A. tells us that “the simple act of journaling before bedtime will refresh and prepare me to either meet the needs of the next day or be overtaken by the challenges. It will be up to me to choose.”


Faith M. wants her journaling to encourage “mindful spirit, daily stretching and being thankful. I have trouble writing a daily journal, so that’s why I’m entering this now. I have many “started” journals and zero “finished” ones. Summer days are extra busy with people who have moved away over the years coming home to visit—and, believe me, I will always make time because I love my work. This is my challenge! I will paperclip the journal to my appointment book so it will stay close to me—my appointment book doesn’t leave my sight. I want to have lots of pictures! I like taking lots of pictures of befores, during process and afters. I have a book of finished photos, but I would like this to have more explanation. Also, I really like motivational quotes to help with confidence boosts. I love to help all of my people with fulfillment and to love themselves, their mind, body and spirit—and of course hair!”


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