Speeding up your color services efficiently and effectively saves you time and money. We asked six color experts to share with us how they speed up their color services.

“I save lots of time by applying Schwarzkopf Professional on damp hair. I also use 50% less product. Formulating is all about knowing your color line and visualizing the end result.”
—Linh Phan, owner and founder of Be Scene Studios, for Schwarzkopf Professional

“Utilizing clean partings and sections when doing any color technique will always save you time, as it creates the perfect road map for any service. I believe in simple, creative formulas tailor-made for each client. I try to never over-complicate it just for the sake of being creative, instead keeping the basic law of color in mind to create the prettiest tones.”
—Renèe Valerie, TIGI U.S technical education director of the TIGI academy

“I apply with speed and accuracy. I use a pintail comb instead the back of my color brush. It cuts time down dramatically and is a cleaner application, not to mention it saves the wear on your wrist by using less movement.”

“The best way to save time on color application is to have a plan. Think of the head as a puzzle, and then figure out the best way to put the puzzle together. There are many ways to apply color, yet some ways may be more efficient or lend more to your personal style and flow. Be mindful and color with intention, thinking it all through before you apply any color. It all starts with a plan.

“There is only one way to save time on any formulation, and that’s to be grounded in your hair color principles. There are no short cuts around the color wheel. You either make a choice to learn it and really own it, or you inadvertently make a choice to wing it and become a master of formulas, yet without possessing the real truth of the color wheel and color formulation.

“The best thing a young colorist can do for his or her career is to really learn and own these principles, especially, the color wheel. You must develop a deep love and trust with it—let it romance you. As the relationship grows, so will the ease and efficiency of your color formulations.”  
— Justin Isaac, Redken Artist

“My favorite time-saving tip is using CHI infra high lift GB, RO, or RR over the CHI permanent shine hair color cream or liquid. This technique gives me the capability of highlighting or detailing in the same time that the  base color is processing. This means color and highlights in maximum  
35 minutes.”
—Patrick Kalle, Farouk Systems global artistic director

“I require all of my color clients to use a Color Prepare Wellness Remedy by Malibu C at home prior to coming in for a service to draw out hard water mineral build-up and other color blockers that can interfere with the service. This not only makes my job easier, but also speeds up the processing time and ensures optimal results.”
— Missy Peterson, HairBenders salon owner and American Board Certified Haircolorist, for Malibu C

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