Nouvelle Revs Up Its Education Game for 2017

For a seasoned professional, mixing and application are intuitive, but there are subtle techniques that need to be conveyed in a class. The protection built into the product doesn’t just protect the hair, it allows the stylist to experiment and to stretch old boundaries with the knowledge that any unwanted result can be reversed without damage to the client’s hair.

What education and resources can a salon or solo artist expect to receive immediately, and then over the first six months, after switching to or adding Nouvelle’s color line?

This color line was recently introduced at the Premiere Orlando show in June 2016. This is a premium line with color retention and built-in damage protection, meaning the added value will generate new revenue for every salon. We are building out an education program that would include regional training sessions for professionals, train-the-trainer sessions with a curriculum guide for regional distributors, and online video training (expected this fall).

What additional key color education initiatives are in the works?

This color line is being launched nationally, with new distributors coming on line through the rest of 2016. A training series of online videos is underway, and should be available this fall. We are currently training distributors in Baltimore, Atlanta and Houston, and we are providing both a curriculum and training materials to those distributors, so they may schedule local classes for their customers and invited guests.

What products or range of color is generating the most buzz heading into fall?

Eslabondexx Color results are stunning and the color is long-lasting. Not only is it creating buzz, but this premium-level product is helping salons generate additional revenue for each service, without needing to extend the times of those services so each hour in the salon will produce more revenue than before.

What business-building education does Nouvelle offer salons?

Our trainers are expected to include business practices in their education presentation. This would include providing additional services that have great value, but don’t involve a lengthy application time. Or, we will include some tips on starting a retirement account by setting aside the income from a particular service and depositing that revenue directly into the retirement fund. Helping our customers succeed in business is at the core of our business model.

How can salons or individual artists earn hair color education from Nouvelle?

Our Loyalty Point program allows customers to earn points on purchases, product ratings, referrals and, even on birthdays. They may either spend the points directly on new purchases, or spend them at a 2-to-1 rate on education. For example, if the admission cost of a seminar is $100, instead of using 10,000 points, the customer may buy admission for 5,000 points.

Who are Nouvelle’s lead colorists or educators?

Since this product has been in limited release since its launch in Orlando in June, our educators are currently located in Bethesda, Maryland and the Houston and Atlanta areas.

  • Eyal Uzana has 20 years of experience as a stylist and salon owner.
  • Michelle Wilson has more than 20 years of experience and is headquartered in Clermont, FL
  • Deborah Summa has 15 years of experience in Houston.
  • Brent Hardgrave has more than 20 years of experience and has been a platform stylist for several brands and is renowned as an extension expert. He was honored to be the first U.S. National Artisan to be promoted to International Artisan.
  • Danny Estrada has nearly 40 years of experience as an educator for other brands and now uses Eslabondexx exclusively in his shop. With a salon in Alpharetta, Georgia, he acts as our lead educator and responds directly to technical questions submitted by our customers.
  • Garrett Partain has worked with Nouvelle USA as both a platform artist and a trainer, with several years representing the Advanced Coloration color system. Garrett is a well-known balayage specialist working out of his salon in Alpharetta, Georgia.

What type of swatch books and other resources does Nouvelle have that professionals can add to their color library?

Our Eslabondexx Color swatch book retails for $50, but is included in our introductory offers. Full-sized, it also includes an illustrated technical manual in several languages, plus a gray-scale guide and a level guide.



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EDUCATORS: Eyal Uzana, Deborah Summa, Daniel Estrada, Brent Hardgrave

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