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What would most surprise colorists about Keune’s color education?

Keune’s education is as strong as its scientifically sound products. It’s based on a tier system that provides a career path for colorists and stylists. Whether you’re right out of school or an experienced stylist or colorist, Keune has a program—Foundational, Next Level or Advanced Creative courses—that starts where you are and takes you to the next level. Keune is almost 100 years old and was founded on sound science. That approach continues today in our Foundations classes, which teach stylists how to be more successful. Our education team includes two American Board of Certified Hair colorist evaluators—Jay Marshlick and Courtney von Berg. From George Alderete (@colorboygeo) to NAHA Winner Edward Woody, some of the top colorists in North America use Keune exclusively.

Where can professionals find formulas and how-tos featuring Keune color?

First, our annual Trend Collections are complemented with inspirations and step-by-steps for every look. They’re available in Keune classes and from your local distributors. In addition, Keune and our educators post formulas, how-tos and beautiful hair color online constantly. Check out our social media, YouTube channel, and, as well as @colorboygeo. Starting in 2017, Keune will provide a full video series of more education. In addition, Keune recently partnered with Hair & CO BKLYN to bring Keune education to the New York City area as a satellite academy and will also have satellites in Chicago and Phoenix in 2017.

What color classes does Keune offer at its advanced academy?

The Keune Advanced Academy in Atlanta is a 6,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility that hosts up to 50 advanced education programs for licensed hairdressers per year. The company shares the space with Keune Academy by 124, which functions as a cosmetology school five days a week. Keune Color Certification challenges the knowledge and skill of the Keune stylist. Creative Color and Pasteling focuses on the stylist’s creative spirit. It begins with a painting class led by Carrie Moore, a lifetime painter and college art professor, who teaches principles of color, shape and brush stroke. Foundational Color is another popular program because whether you are a lifetime stylist or new to the industry, all creativity starts with a firm foundation.

What additional key color education initiatives are in the works?

Eighteen months ago, Keune North America CEO Andrew Biazis put into action the Keune New Hire training team. This is a group of our top educators charged with upping the level of knowledge and facilitation of every educator throughout the country. In 2017, you also can expect to see our team launching top formulas in the salon, using their favorite Keune styling products and providing studio tips for technique and styling in how-to videos. This educational information will live in the education section of

Who are Keune’s lead colorists or educators? How can salons and colorists connect with them?

The North American Keune Education team features top colorists across the country with a home base at the Keune Advanced Academy in Atlanta. George Alderete, known as @colorboygeo on social media, is Keune’s North American Creative Ambassador. He shares his newest techniques, product tests and a sneak peek into what’s next from Keune weekly on social media. Amber Skrzypek- Palmer, the only Keune Level 4-Star Educator in North America, as certified by our headquarters in the Netherlands, is the lead educator on Creative Color at the Keune Advanced Academy.

What education and resources can a salon or solo artist expect to receive immediately, and then over the first six months, after switching to or adding Keune’s color line?

In the first six months, based on the Keune Introductory Package that is purchased, a salon can earn a Keune Color Experience Day. This includes a three-hour comprehensive in-salon introduction to Keune from one of our excellent educators, who then stays for the rest of the day to help the salon’s team formulate Keune’s color for their clients. In addition, our distributors offer classes like Keune Color Basics and shows during which our educators share their technique, consultation and salon business expertise. Keune also has a loyalty program that rewards Keune salons and stylists based on purchases, so the more you buy, the more you earn ongoing education, savings on tuition at the Keune Advanced Academy and even a trip to one of Keune’s international academies.

What is your most popular color education class or experience?

Keune Color Certification is our most popular program. Colorists always want to challenge and test their knowledge to up their game. Keune Color Certification is a three-day, pass-or-fail test in all things Keune Color. It’s not an easy test, so passing it is quite an accomplishment, which colorists can then market to their clients. This year, the program was so popular that Keune added a date on November 12-14, 2016 in Atlanta. Next year, Keune will have up to six dates in two different locations to make certification as accessible as possible.




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