Alan and Reece Beak, brothers from Manchester, have over 18 years combined experience in the hair industry. Together, they opened Ruger Barbers, a shop, education team and product line. Trained in traditional Italian barbering, ladies hairdressing and afro-Caribbean styles, they have traveled around the UK, Ireland and the US to share their techniques.

Here Alan Beak (@alan_beak) shares how to achieve this style using products from Ruger Barber:

STEP ONE: Once cut, the hair is applied with Ruger Sea salt spray and blown back in a symmetrical and uniform fashion from the fringe to the crown, then lightly dressed with a mixture (50/50) of Matte Vol 1 and Satin Vol 4.

STEP TWO: Then taking small individual sections from the fringe reintroducing heating and blow waving the sections over a small round cricket brush. This process is repeated until the sections begin to show as separated bands of hair.

STEP THREE: Allow to cool and organise with hairspray to set. 

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