A dreamy cotton-candy-colored look from Eva Strömblad's Muse collection.
A dreamy cotton-candy-colored look from Eva Strömblad's Muse collection.

Swedish Matrix educator Eva Strömblad used her model as a muse for this finish featuring orchid and ocean-blue color reminiscent of the simultaneous opposition and tranquility of 2016’s Pantone Colors of the Year, Rose Quartz and Serenity.

“My inspiration was my model and her personality,” Strömblad says. “Because she is a mix of Swedish heritage and Hawaiian lifestyle, I was inspired by the beautiful nature, beaches and the ocean of each place.”

Strömblad began by pre-lightening hair with Matrix Light Master Hair Lightener using a free-hand painting application. Once processed, she rinsed and towel-dried hair. Strömblad then applied the toner. While hair was processing, she applied the blue and violet hues using a free-hand technique over the toner.

“The violet and blue colors are fluid, with seamless beginnings and endings,” she says. “My color choices and techniques are inspired by the color of the ocean and the fluidity of water because of her Hawaiian roots. Her crisp blonde color has a very Nordic feel.”

Pre-Lightener: Matrix Light Master Hair Lightener with 6% developer
Toner: Matrix Color Sync equal parts 10V and Sheer Pastel Mocha
Blue: Matrix Color Sync Watercolors equal parts Blue and Clear
Violet: Matrix Color Sync 5 parts 10V + 1 part 5VV

Hair: Eva Strömblad
Photographer: Charlotte Stromwall
Makeup: Nathalie Mitovski

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