Walk through the commitments prior to the service so clients understand maintenance, cost,...
Walk through the commitments prior to the service so clients understand maintenance, cost, techniques and products, say the experts at She Hair by So.Cap. USA.She Hair by So.Cap. USA

How do extension services foster client loyalty?

“Hair-extension clients are unlikely to salon hop,” says Irvin Krauledis, director of education, Cinderella Hair Extensions. “A client who receives multiple salon services in one location is unlikely to leave that salon or stylist. Hair-extension services are so broadly based in the beauty industry now that not offering extensions sends the message that you are not progressive and haven’t kept up with current beauty industry education to advance your career."

How can extensionists create the best experience for a first-time client?

“It’s critical that a first-time client is fully informed about the entire extension experience so expectations are ultimately realized,” says Bernard Ory, regional director of education for She Hair by So.Cap. USA. “A thorough consultation is where you build trust and share with them the entire process. Extensionists should be able to effectively communicate and educate their client on all aspects of extensions including the various techniques and products available. Other important topics to discuss during the consultation are costs and total service time. The client should be made aware of the ongoing maintenance required for extensions to look and perform their best. Often, extension services can take much more time than other salon services. Schedule a few short breaks throughout the service, treat your client to an in-salon lunch and keep the day fun. This will make your client much more comfortable and help avoid the temptation to cut corners or hastily rush the end of the service because of a fidgeting client or fatigued extensionist. Every client deserves exceptional results, and the quality of your technical skill is what delivers.”

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