Inspired by the dark and rich tones of lava flowing down molten rock, this Kadus technique utilizes the model’s dark hair color as a backdrop for showcasing varied red tones.

Previously colored level 3
Formula 1: 1 oz Kadus Blonding powder with 2 oz 30-volume developer
Formula 2: Kadus Permanent Color, 1 oz 6CV + .18 oz VR Mix Tone with 1.18 oz 20-volume developer
Formula 3: 1 oz 6CV + .36 oz CG Mix Tone with 1.36 oz 20-volume developer

1. Take a halo section along the crown and place in foil. Using Formula 1, pre-lighten the halo section and the fringe area by gently feathering it toward the base. To create depth at the base, stay ½-inch away from the scalp. Process 30 minutes, shampoo and dry.
2. Next, apply Formula 2 to the pre-lightened sections, from the base to the midshaft.
3. Then apply Formula 3 on the ends. Process 30 minutes. Shampoo, condition and style.

Color and style: Caroline Kim
Cut: Luis Fernando Rodriguez
Photographer: Michael Pool
Makeup: Eric Allen

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