@smukkehair treated her client to a System Professional in-salon service
@smukkehair treated her client to a System Professional in-salon service@smukkehair

Every client is special and unique, just like their hair. To map out a care plan for scalp and hair health, System Professional utilizes a comprehensive consultation that profiles each person’s hair to determine their EnergyCode, which is a description of their hair's elasticity and fiber health.

From this point, stylists can recommend with confidence what a client should be using at every stage of their hair care routine.  Different sub-lines within the System Professional range have a different EnergyCode Complex in their formulas to work with different hair types. Each sub-line also features a professional, in-salon-only treatment. This service is being offered at select salons, including C the Salon, the new location of Claudio Lazo's Studio City hair hot spot. 

On a recent visit to the salon, stylist Yuki Cardenas performed the service, walking through the different steps in the process and talking about the success she has seen since the salon started offering the System Professional treatments.

"I know of one client who came to us with extremely fragile, almost brittle hair," Cardenas says."She complained that it couldn't hold a style, and that it was very dull and dry. We started her on a regimen of the Intense Treatment, once a week.  After the first visit, there was obvious improvement and now, after about five treatments, her hair is completely transformed. It's soft, shiny and our client is in love with her hair, again."

The Intense Treatment includes a Professional Intense Massage which not only soothes tension but also stimulates the scalp and improves penetration of the active ingredients.

After the preparatory shampoo, an infusion is applied, with the product pressed, almost massaged into the hair. Each step in the four step process is purposeful.  This video walks through the process, from consultation to smooth result.




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