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Hairdressers have an advantage in maintaining their health precisely because they’re so focused on hair, according to Bernhards Ziverts, owner and master stylist of New York City’s Matii Salon. “Hair is a reflection of what’s going on inside your body,” Ziverts says. Advice you give your guests is often good advice for yourself.

“Not eating right or drinking enough water can show up in so many ways—your weight, skin, mood and hair,” he explains. “I recommend that my clients stay hydrated to look and feel years younger. It is as simple as that.” To promote hair health, Ziverts also advises his guests to avoid sun, chlorinated pools and stress. Ziverts further mentions the technological progress of today’s hair strengthening treatments and other products in helping clients to keep their hair healthy.

“The science behind hair care has come so far in recent years and is constantly developing,” he reports. “Staying abreast of the ever-growing knowledge behind hair care and hair health is something that I pride myself on, and I share the information with clients. When my clients feel good and look great, it is very rewarding.”

For hairdressers, Ziverts says the key is maintaining balance. “No matter what you do, you just have to take care of yourself,” says Ziverts, who has had no major injuries in his 30 years as a stylist. “It’s not like you’ll ever stop cutting yourself or you’ll get to sit down while you work. You just get used to the routine, and you have to take care of yourself mentally and physically. I go to the gym, I stretch, I get facials and I relax at the beach. I live life and work hard, but balance is key.”

Part of the balance is giving back. Ziverts is partial to Toys for Tots but is active in raising money and awareness for other causes as well.

“I give a tremendous amount of time and energy to good causes because I have seen the impact they can make,” he says. “I believe in supporting my local community, and I am very fortunate as a hairstylist to be able to donate my services to organizations and school fundraisers. We are always looking for ways to do even more.”

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