Top 5 Old Barber Guy Tricks

I started with a cosmetology license a long time ago.  Thirty years later I am an old barber guy. Along the way I have learned a few old barber guy tricks.  Below is my list of the top five old barber guy tricks that I use behind the chair.

 Cut your aftershave – Dilute aftershave 1 part aftershave to 7 parts witch hazel.  This cuts the sting and the stink.

 Soap your flattops – A small dollop of shave soap applied to the top before your blow it up and dry makes for easier flattop cutting.  Adds stiffness to the hair.

 Cord stripping – When clipper and trimmer cords get tangled just unplug them all instead of fighting the tangle.  Pull through the next one as you need it and plug it back in. At the end of the day any tool still unplugged should be removed from your station.

Spray your comb – When clients are not getting shampooed and you need to moisten hair apply moisture where you want it by spraying your comb not spraying the entire client.

 Talc your tapers – lightly dust tapered haircuts with talc to starkly reveal imperfections and irregularities in the surface.  Go back in and polish them down.

 Bonus tip – Switch chairs – The chair closest to the window has better natural light in the winter and the warmth of the sun.  During summer move deeper into the shop to avoid the heat of the window.

 Talk to an old barber guy and learn a few more tricks.  Email me or contact me through social media to share them.  I am always eager to learn (and share) a few more.

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