Jennie Wolff: Your #1 Health Resource is Yourself!

You can read books on health, watch the “doctor shows” on TV, listen to podcasts and search the internet for all of your health-related questions. Ultimately, though, you’re the one who must take accountability for yourself, says Jennie Wolff, vice president of marketing and education for Sola Studios.

“When it comes to taking care of your body and health, the number one resource is yourself!” says Wolff, a member of our Healthy Hairdresser Advisory Council. “Show yourself some love—take time to exercise, breathe and clear your mind, and don’t forget to eat and also drink plenty of water.”

Still, we all need help sometimes. That’s when you should go to professionals in the field. “When I need a little push or have questions, I hire a professional,” Wolff says. “Just as people visit a professional salon to get their hair cut and colored or to get product recommendations, we can seek out professionals who can help us shift our mindset around how we treat our bodies. I enjoy regular yoga classes as a perfect way to wind down a busy day; I look forward to the guided breathing and meditation as well as a great workout. I also sporadically do acupuncture and a few trips to a nutritionist taught me so much about my body and how to make simple changes now for a lifetime of great health.”

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