Hair Cutting Week at Beauty School: It's So Much Harder Than It Looks!

So, it was hair cutting week. Let me just preface this blog by saying "practice makes perfect" is the most important quote to constantly remind yourself of in cosmetology school.

Listen, we did our first triangular, one length hair cut this week, and it definitely sounds easy, right? Think again. I did terrible, truly and honestly terrible. Well, maybe I may just be hard on myself but I definitely did not do well, and that is okay! It’s important to know that your first haircut isn’t going to be your best one. It takes more than just once to perfect something.

But, I made a little video for you guys to watch my very first haircut, and trust me, it’s WAY harder than it looks. You’ll definitely see me doubt myself in this video and also at one point tell my educator, who was peering over my shoulder, ‘you’re judging me.’ Listen folks, hair cutting is no joke, but please feel free to laugh at this video! You’ll see that by the end I became way more confident. There is a first for everything!

We also started color this past week and I’ve been doing really well. Who knows, maybe I’m a true colorist at heart?

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