Start the New Year Right With These Health Recommendations

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We asked our Council members: For hairdressers who want to start their year off right, what is one food or exercise that you recommend they add or change?

“Start each day with a series of stretching exercises, and follow up with small breaks throughout the day to stretch your legs and back.” —DANIEL BOUZIDE, president, Smart Step Salon and Spa

“Planking is a super effective exercise that you can do practically anywhere to work your entire body; dedicating just five minutes a day will make a huge impact on your strength. My other life hack is liquid chlorophyll, which boosts energy and aids everything from liver detoxification and digestion to wound healing, weight control and skin complexion. I mix a few capfuls with lemon water and drink it throughout the day.” —ANNA MANUKYAN, assistant VP education, Matrix and Biolage

“Any type of core exercise will train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen in order to work in harmony, improving balance and stability when you are standing and servicing your guests.” —LARRY SILVESTRI, president, America’s Beauty Show by Cosmetologists Chicago 

“Snack on nuts—pack a little bag of raw almonds or mixed nuts for protein that will keep you moving through your ‘nutty’ day.” —PAUL SUTTLES, senior director, education implementation, North America, Pivot Point International, Inc.

“There are simple yoga poses you can do in the salon between clients, and a nice Vinyasa flow is a great way to start or end the day. Another simple exercise is walking. Getting in my 10,000 steps a day raises my energy levels and keep my body from feeling stiff. Keep a few healthy items in the salon—Kind Bars, Quest or a scoop of Vega powder with a glass of water will help when hunger strikes.” —JENNIE WOLFF, marketing director, Sola Salon Studios

“I love starting my day with a tall glass of lemon water and a morning workout. Even 10 minutes of stretching and crunches energizes my core and ensures a strong constitution for the day.” —LYNELLE LYNCH, president, Beauty Changes Lives

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