Healthy Hairdresser Advisory Council: Jennie Wolff

Thanking our 2017 sponsors for all of their support, Healthy Hairdresser is compiling the wisdom from the Healthy Hairdresser Advisory Council members. Jennie Wolff, VP marketing and education at Sola Salon Studios, shared many great ideas and good advice:

On finding your fit in the beauty industry:
Although some cosmetologists are motivated by money, others are motivated to create space and time to spend with friends and family, and still others might desire to become educators. For those just coming out of cosmetology school, an established salon might be the best place for them to learn and grow. For a stylist with a robust book of business and the desire to control varying aspects of their career and personal lives, a salon studio can be the perfect fit.

On one quick change you can make to improve your health:
There are simple yoga poses you can do in the salon between clients, and a nice Vinyasa flow is a great way to start or end the day. Another simple exercise is walking. Getting in my 10,000 steps a day raises my energy levels and keep my body from feeling stiff. Keep a few healthy items in the salon—Kind Bars, Quest or a scoop of Vega powder with a glass of water will help when hunger strikes.

On protecting your bones and joints:
Strength training is important to maintain healthy bone density, especially for women; that’s why I practice yoga 3-4 times per week in addition to eating a balanced diet. Keeping healthy snacks on hand such as roasted almonds or protein powders can help you survive a busy day without compromising your health. Supplements such as calcium and vitamin D are also super beneficial to add to your daily routine. Even if you’re tired at work, walk it out in between clients. I wear a Fit Bit and make sure to get at least 10,000 steps a day. And remember, it’s ok to take a break once in a while!

On achieving spiritual wellness:
I pack as much as I can into every day, and I often find myself racing against the clock. Over the past few months, I have incorporated meditation into my daily routine. It’s free and available online! It helps me to bring focus to the present moment by starting my day with a mantra. I also try to do yoga three or four days a week. It’s important to create space and time for myself. It’s not easy, but it’s totally worth it, because it greatly impacts my mood and how I am able to manage my stress level.

On the importance of community service for salon teams:
If a stylist is having health issues or has a child in need, the Sola stylists support each other just as a team in a bigger salon might—even throwing fundraisers that engage the local community. It’s imperative for everyone to feel the support of the community to get through difficult times.

On gratitude:
As the year comes to an end, I’m grateful to the Sola community for continuing to inspire me to achieve my professional goals. From seeing them at the Sola Sessions to interacting with them from afar, I know that their passion, spirit and enthusiasm drive the Sola brand forward every day. We have continued to innovate and create programs to help them achieve their goals, which is incredibly rewarding for all of us on the Sola Team. On a personal note, this year I am grateful for my sweet puppy Taj, who joined us last holiday season and who has brought so much light and positive energy to my life and to the Sola home office. Also, as a New Year’s resolution, I got a FitBit and have been tracking my steps every day. We introduced a treadmill desk to the Sola home office, and I’m proud to say I’ve hit 10,000 steps (almost) every day!

Thank you for all of your valuable thoughts, Jennie!

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