Up You Foil Skills with These Tips

by Maggie Mulhern | April 25, 2018
Jo Blackwell-Preston demos foiling tips and tricks.
Jo Blackwell-Preston demos foiling tips and tricks.

Jo Blackwell-Preston (@blackwellJo) is one of the best hair color educators working in the industry today and can be seen on stage as a L'Oreal Professionnel International Artist and in salon as owner/CEO of DopDopSalon in NYC.

MODERN caught up with Blackwell-Preston as she was prepping for a platform demo at the 2018 Intercoiffure Spring Atelier and asked her to spare a few moments for some color tips and tricks.

"Do I have time to brush my hair?"  When we said we had to get started in a few minutes, she spent the time grabbing her mannequin heads, foils, brush and her fave lightening product Blond Studio (with 40 volume) by L'Oreal Professionnel.

In this AMAZING video, Blackwell-Preston shares her tips on how-to lift and highlight darker hair. Among her many tips, she talks about: compact foiling, converting a balayage client to classic foiling, backcombing to prevent a line of demarcation, grabbing a foil with a color brush and how to deal with the baby hairs around the hairline. 

This is a doozy of a video, chock full of wonderful color education, and perfect for any colorist at any level. Blackwell-Preston points out - "You can't tone your way out of a bad deal" - 

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