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As a hairdresser it’s easy to see how Heat Shields can be used all day long on clients. But there is even greater opportunity to get them into the hands of your clients. Think about how many women use curling irons, flat irons, wands and blow dryers at home. Home use is an even bigger market that lacks the protection they need from the dangers of getting burned.

So how do we get these into the hands of your clients? Retailing.

Retailing is a great way to earn extra income too. Like selling wet goods in a salon, Heat Shields can be sold to those who can appreciate a bit of protection. And what better way to promote the product than by using it on your clients? You don’t actually have to try to sell it. Just use them when styling their hair and then explain to your clients what they are for and they will love the concept for themselves, their daughter, sister or best friend.

Heat Shields come in two sizes: S/M or M/L. How do you know what size you are? We’ve made it easy with a sizing diagram on the back of the box. Here you place your thumb on either the S/M or M/L image to see which size would best fit.

They are machine washable, latex free, stay snug all day and can handle up to 450 degrees C for solid protection. And we all know how hot these tools are getting. Do they really need to get that hot? All we know is it’s a no brainer for someone who hates getting burned! They come in a nice box with clear graphics on how Heat Shields can be used with different tools. There is even a small plastic bag included in the box for storing the shields after use so they don’t get lost.

Each display comes with twelve Heat Shield boxes and a built-in header for immediate displaying on the shelf. It takes up very little space, unlike wet goods which can be heavy, big and bulky. And if you don’t have shelf space, each individual box has a hook hole for hanging. 

Selling these guards can give you piece of mind that your clients are protecting their skin from burns. And since Jatai Heat Shields are not easily available for purchase in main stream brick and mortar stores, they will see you as the go-to place for Jatai Heat Shields.

To see what the retailing possibilities are, contact Jatai International at service@Jatai.net or call (888) 965-2824

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